Hydro excavation is the process by which pressurized high-temperature water is used to break up dirt and varied material. This material is then vacuumed up into the truck. and safely disposed of.


We are proud to offer 24-hour emergency hydrovac excavating repair services to homes, businesses and industries in the Powell River, qathet and the Comox Valley. When you call us for after-hours septic, sewer, water and drain services, we will have a truck dispatched immediately. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable crews work in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Vacuum Excavating

Using high pressure water to break up soil while a high flow system sucks the soil up and out of the excavation area. This manner of excavating is quick, efficient and allows for an automated excavating process.

Municipal and Public Work

Vacuum excavators are the machines of choice for cities and water, wastewater and storm water department seeking to expose underground utilities and the use of damage free excavation means less impact on the surrounding environment and community.


Vacuum excavation is becoming the most regarded means of utility or line exposure. Using our precise equipment, we can expose any infrastructure accurately with minimal backfill. Contractors are relying on hydro excavation to provide this safe, effective and damage-free alternative.

Construction Site Prep

Vacuum excavators can increase safety in construction and site prep applications.  Hydro excavation contractors have the right equipment to perform more precise damage free excavation in a number of specialty applications. Using hydro excavating for construction prep can speed up the process substantially.

Limited Access

Vacuum excavators can get to areas where other equipment simply won’t reach and provide precise accurate digging. This is important in environmentally sensitive areas, as well as residential areas where infrastructure can often restrict access.

Project Management

With our group of companies, experienced staff and access to a wide variety of equipment, we can help you put together a complete quote including site prep and post clean-up.


Our expertise in project management coupled with years of collective knowledge, a fleet of  vehicles with industry leading blower capacity and our own supply of sand, gravel, concrete and landscaping materials makes for a one stop shop.






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